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Tom Cross

Thomas Cross MEng MRes ACGI

DPhil Student

Thomas Cross is a Doctoral student at the Oxford Thermofluids Institute, exploring Ice Crystal Icing and Shedding in Gas Turbines under Rolls-Royce and EPSRC funding. He was formerly a research student at the Whittle Laboratory, University of Cambridge, as part of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Propulsion and Power achieving a Distinction in the MRes.

Tom holds a First-Class MEng in Aeronautical Engineering from the Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London, where his Master's Thesis explored the multi-dimensional optimisation of supersonic biplanes using data reduction from simulations in OpenFOAM. Tom’s previous experiences includes the design of a small-scale supersonic wind tunnel for compressible flows lecture demonstrations and a large evaluation project on an intermeshing-rotor helicopter for the Aerial Recovery of Reusable Rocket Stages.

Research Interests

  • Ice crystal icing in gas turbine compressors
  • High speed aerothermodynamics
  • Unsteady flows
  • 3D flows in Turbomachinery
  • Shockwave-boundary-layer interactions

Research Projects

Ice crystal icing in gas turbine compressors

This project aims to further characterise the processes that occurs when high altitude ice crystals are ingested into modern turbofan engines, predicting build-up locations to enable the design of future engines where ice deposition is well controlled.

Research Groups

Thesis & Dissertations

Cross, T.J.S (2022) Glaciated Ice Icing and Shedding in Gas Turbine Compressors. MRes Dissertation, University of Cambridge. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.17004.64644

Cross, T.J.S (2021) Optimisation of Biplane Wings for Supersonic Flight. MEng Thesis, Imperial College London. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27336.24324

Other works

Cross, T.J.S., Usman, R. & Johnson, P. (2021) Compressible Flow Lecture Demonstation Rig. An Imperial UROP/StudentShapers Project.

Cross, T.J.S., et al. (2020) Novel Unmanned Synchropter for the Aerial Recover of Falling Rocket Stages. Imperial College Third Year Group Project. Overview

Awards, prizes and public engagement

Imperial Aeronautics Centenary Prize (Best 3rd year group project report & contribution) - 2020

Imperial College Aeronautics Resilience Prize - 2022