Our public engagement activities include events to promote research to the public and industry, social media activities and participation in science festivals. Follow @OsneyLab on Twitter to find out more about our research, outreach and opportunities at the Oxford Thermofluids Institute.

A Tribute to Profs Terry Jones and Don Schultz

The following video is a tribute to professors Terry Jones and Don Schultz

Professor Matthew McGilvray’s Podcasts

Prof McGilvray’s podcasts introduce the research in the Osney Hypersonics Group. These focus on the development of the UK’s fastest wind tunnel facility  and on high speed space flight.

Development of the UK’s fastest wind tunnel – a UK/Australia endeavour

Hypersonic to Hypervelocity Spacecraft Heat Transfer

Dr Neil Ashton

Dr Neil Ashton made a number of videos & podcasts for Oxford Sparks, covering his work with NASA and Formula One, the use of science in Hollywood films and the future of supersonic transport.

Neil also gave a TEDx talk explaining his research:

Dr Neil Ashton was also invited by Lenovo to give a talk, titled “Improved Aerodynamics through AI,”  at the SC17 supercomputing conference: