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Oxford Thermofluids Institute | Research - Research Groups: Aerothermal Science Group

Aerothermal Science Group

Many engineering challenges require us to optimise and trade-off aerodynamics, heat transfer and other requirements. This is particularly true of the drive towards sustainable aviation, for example to develop thermal management systems for Hydrogen-powered flight.

The physics of these multi-disciplinary problems is often challenging, but there can be many opportunities and benefits if we get it right. The group combines experimental, numerical and analytical approaches across its research.

Areas of particular focus include:

  • Blade tip design for High Pressure Turbines
  • Heat exchanger installation in aircraft engines
  • "Real Geometry" effects, e.g. from manufacturing variability and deterioration

Next-Generation Sensor development, in particular using thermal Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) sensors to measure flow rates and gas composition