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Oxford Thermofluids Institute | Research - Flagships: PINES

Powerplant Integration of Novel Engine Systems (PINES)

The £28.2 million Innovate UK and Rolls-Royce funded Powerplant Integration of Novel Engine Systems (PINES) project is a joint initiative led by Rolls-Royce combining expertise from academic partners the University of Oxford, Cranfield University, the University of Nottingham, and the University of Sheffield, as well as industrial partners Meggitt Aerospace and HiETA Technologies.

This wide-ranging project aims to address key challenges related to heat management, systems intelligence and integration of future powerplant architectures and installations. Work being conducted at the Oxford Thermofluids Institute as part of Work Package 6 focuses on the development of Next Generation Modulated Air System Devices for the active management of turbine disc thermal stresses and improvement of turbine disc life. Modulated air systems improve the overall efficiency of the engine through a reduction in cooling air needed during cruise, thereby reducing the environmental impact of aviation. Current generation modulated air systems rely on conventional mechanical valves. The devices under development at Oxford are fluidic devices with no moving parts, which will permit a reduction in size, weight and cost, as well requiring less maintenance than their traditional mechanical alternatives.