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CFD Numerical Analysis, Oxford Thermofluids Institute, University of Oxford

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Numerical analysis group

The Group

The numerical methods group of the OTI specialises in the development of modelling tools for propulsion systems and high-speed flows. The group started at the Vibration UTC in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Imperial College London and moved to Oxford in April 2017. The group focus expanded from performance and integrity issues in gas turbines to include high-speed flows.

Today our interests cover turbine flow and heat transfer, fan can compressor design tools, Fourier-space methods for multi-bladerow interaction, modelling of heat exchangers, flow and thermochemistry in shock tubes and atmospheric re-entry flows.

The group consists now of 4 research assistants (RAs), 9 DPhil students and two MSc students from the Engineering Science Department. Ten nationalities are represented in the group.

Our sponsors include Rolls-Royce, EPSRC, ATI and UK Government departments.


If you would like information about the group, or you would like to work with us, please email Prof di Mare at


Ahmad Nawab

Ahmad studied Large Eddy Simulations in low speed compressors. He is now a Computational Scientist at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Joshua Hope-Collins

Josh studied Large Eddy Simulation in HP turbine passages. Josh is now a research associate in the Mathematics of Planet Earth group, where he is investigating parallel-in-time methods for numerical weather prediction

Gregor Herkwitz

Gregor studied vectorization techniques for CFD codes. He is now working on embedded software at Diehl

Ioan Hadade

Ioan studied vectorization and parallelization techniques for CFD codes. He is now a senior analyst at the Eurpean Centre for Medium Range weather forecast.

Matthew Satchell

Matthew studied simulation methods for shock tube experiments. He is now holds the rank of Lt Colonel In the US Air Force.

Davendu Kulkarni

Davendu graduated from Imperial College with a PhD on methods to model whole gas turbines. He is now an aeromechanical engineer in fan, compressor and turbine aeromechanics at Rolls-Royce.

Armel de Montgros

Armel graduated from Imperial College with a PhD on methods to model acoustic resonance in gas turbine cavities. Armel has enjoyed a long and varied career in Rolls-Royce Bristol, in Formula 1 with stints at Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren and Aston Martin. He is now the founder of Kioko.

Sina Stapelfeldt

Sina graduated from Imperial College with a PhD on fast numerical methods for compressor forced response. She is now a Lecturer at Imperial College London.

Richard Phibel

Richard graduated from Imperial College with a PhD in labyrinth seal aeroelasticity and is now a software engineer in Meta.

Sanjay Mata

Sanjay graduated from Imperial College with a PhD in fast forced response methods for compressors. He is now an engineer in Rolls-Royce.

Artyom Romanov

Artyom graduated from Imperial College with a PhD on preliminary design methods for gas turbines. He is now a project manager at Avaloq.

Fernando Barbarossa

Fernando graduated from Imperial College with a PhD on design methods for low-pressure compression systems. He is now a lead physics programmer at Kunos.