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Focusing on the research theme of Hypersonics, the group has a proud history dating back to the 1960s, when Professor Donald Schultz founded the Osney Laboratory at Oxford University. Our team is internationally renowned for it’s pioneering research into short duration wind tunnels and associated instrumentation. Our work is primarily concerned with experimental research relevant to planetary entry, atmospheric cruise and access to space.

Current areas of research within the group are:

  • Cooling technology for hypersonic vehicles
  • Hypersonic boundary layer transition
  • Aerothermodynamics for hypersonic vehicles
  • Hypersonic intake performance
  • Development of novel heat transfer gauges
  • Shock layer radiation
  • Satellite end-of-life & demise


  • Dr Andrew Pilkington 
  • Chris Hambridge 
  • Tristan Crumpton 
  • Dr Laurent Le Page 
  • Harry Kachika 


  • Suria Subiah 
  • Alex Glenn 
  • Joe Steer 
  • Andrew Hyslop 
  • William van Noordt 
  • William Ivison 


  • Raghul Ravichandran 
  • Kharthik Chakravarthy 
  • Philipp Kerth 
  • Jack Hillyer 
  • Aaron Kennedy 
  • Eric Hembling