The Transpiration Cooling team, from the Oxford Thermofluids Institute, had a great meeting at Imperial College in London’s Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The third quarterly meeting saw very interesting work packages starting to really accelerate. On the numerical side, we had exciting presentations from the Universities of Southampton and Oxford. These were focussed on both hypersonic and non-hypersonic flows, and will yield tools to use with the porous materials that are to come. Perhaps even more valuable than this, was the genuine discussion and exchange of innovative ideas that followed. Imperial showed their substantial progress on manufacturing and understanding the fundamental characteristics of porous ceramics. Oxford presented a method to quantify the type of effusion that might be associated with transpiration cooling.



A highlight of the trip was the visit to the very large wind tunnel facility. This allows investigators to probe flow features in great detail. It has multiple capabilities and inspired lots of thoughts about how to use it. The Imperial lab, on the way out was amazing itself – illustrative of both imagination combined with deep understanding.

We didn’t get lost on the way across Hyde Park, and we saw a parrot, surely a good omen.