The lab has successfully resumed some activities since the end of May, as part of the pilot scheme run by the University of Oxford to re-open its buildings.

Thanks to the outstanding work of our admin and technicians, we have implemented a new one-way system, hygiene stations and new induction program that, together with a rota system, has allowed our researchers to safely return to activities, while maintaining the current social distancing rules.

Alex Murray –Engineering Manager said “it has been an intense transitional time for all of us and support staff in particular have worked behind the scenes to support the lab. It has been a steep learning curve, but it is exciting to see that we are coming back to our wind tunnels and experimental facilities.”

Peter Ireland – Head of the OTI added: “we had to learn quickly new ways of working and there are some learnt lessons here that we will carry for the future. Our sponsors have been engaging with us throughout this difficult time and supported us all the way to reopening. We are very proud of our staff for pulling together and fully committing to adapt to these challenging circumstances”

The Oxford Thermofluids Institute is one of the first University sites to re-open and has had to adapt to and create new ways of working to keep everyone safe. The team have pulled together to make this happen whilst learning throughout the process, and are looking forward to continuing to create new ways to adapt the world class facility to ensure a safe return for everyone.