The group has three world class high speed wind tunnels, capable of producing flow from supersonic to hypersonic and all the way to hypervelocity:

Facility Mode Mach P0 [MPa] T0 [K] Test time [ms]
T6 Stalker Tunnel Multi-mode Facility 6-30 75/1000’s 5000/10,000’s 0.05-2
High Density Tunnel Ludwieg / LICH 3-10 25 1250 70-500
Low Density Tunnel Suck down 6-10 0.01 273 continuous

The facilities are part of the National Wind Tunnel Facility. This offers a minimum of 25% access of the tunnels and instrumentation to outside parties (academic or commercial).

T6 Stalker Tunnel

The T6 Stalker Tunnel (T6) will become Europe’s highest speed wind tunnel, capable of producing flows in excess of 20 km/s. It is a multi-mode facility, capable of operation either as reflected shock tunnel, an expansion tunnel or a shock tube.

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High Density Tunnel

The High Density Tunnel (HDT) is a reconfigured and upgraded facility from the original RAE shock tube, acquired by the University of Oxford in 2012.

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Low Density Tunnel

The Low Density Tunnel (LDT) is rarefied flow facility, with the ability to produce flows with high Knudsen numbers representative of those experienced in the slip regime.

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