The Institution of Mechanical Engineers awarded the 2017 Kenneth Harris James prize, for the best paper on an Aerospace subject, to Howoong Namgoong, Peter Ireland and Changmin Son.

The paper was entitled Optimisation of a 180o degree U-shaped bend shape for a turbine blade cooling passage leading to a pressure loss coefficient of approximately 0.6, and authored by Howoong Namgoong, Peter Ireland and Changmin Son. It appeared in the Proceedings IMechE Part G: Aerospace Engineering in 2016.

The paper addresses designing a simple U-bend configuration in which the flow is turned through 180 degrees. This research resulted in a U-bend configuration, which achieved a 63.3% pressure loss reduction. Peter Ireland from the Oxford Thermofluids Institute said that the project undertook fundamental improvement of a design element that is highly relevant to modern aircraft engine design.