The LEMCOTEC project is a large scale European research and engineering project implemented under the Transport (Aeronautics) Theme of the 7th Framework Programme.

It integrates the interests of all European aero engine manufacturers of the Engine-IMG and Europe’s leading research institutions and universities in the field of aeronautics providing innovative and sustainable technologies for the protection of the environment.

Global air traffic is forecast to grow at an average annual rate of around 5% in the next 20 years. This high level of growth makes the need to address the environmental penalties of air traffic all the more urgent. Consequently, Europe’s aviation industry faces a massive challenge to satisfy demand whilst ensuring economic, safe and more environmentally friendly air travel.  Current research provides technologies to improve the performance of existing engine components. However, even if these technologies enable improvements in emissions, their limitations (technology maturity and integration) might not allow the industry to reach the goals set by ACARE in the field of aeronautics research by 2020.

The main objective of the LEMCOTEC project will be the improvement of core-engine thermal efficiency by increasing the overall pressure ratio (OPR) to up to 70 leading to a further reduction of CO2. Since NOx increases with OPR, innovative combustion technologies have to be further developed, at the same time, to at least compensate for this effect.