The High Density Tunnel (HDT) is a reconfigured and upgraded facility from the original RAE shock tube, acquired by the University of Oxford in 2012. It operates either as a Ludwieg tunnel or a Light Piston Compression Heating facility, producing cold hypersonic flow conditions with test times long enough to investigate unsteady flow effects.


  • Cold hypersonic flow facility for steady and unsteady aerothermodynamic testing
  • Test durations up to 70 ms
  • 6.5 m long, 152 mm diameter driver
  • 17.4 m long, 152 mm diameter barrel
  • Mach 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 contoured nozzles
  • Actuated traverse +/- 15 deg AoA. +/- 5 deg AoY

Schematic of the High Density Tunnel (HDT)