Dr. Cristian Soitu, a former student from Professor Edmond Walsh’s OTI lab in the Department of Engineering Science has won a prestigious Human Frontier Sciences Program cross-disciplinary Fellowship, in March 2021.

HFSP cross disciplinary fellowships are awarded to researchers with a degree outside the life sciences and support innovative ground-breaking projects.

With the award of three years financial support Cristian will conduct research in Anthony Zador’s group at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, where he will be investigating the mechanisms which mediate information flow in the brain at single cell resolution supported by his DPhil microfluidics technology developments.

Whilst Cristian earned his DPhil in Engineering Science under the supervision of Professors Edmond Walsh and Alfonso Castrejon-Pita, the project was a close collaboration with Professor Peter Cook at the Dunn School of Pathology. His work focused on the use of novel fluid-walled microfluidic chambers for cell biology.