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Sebastien Wylie

Tel: 01865 (2)88762



I graduated with an Engineering Science (MEng) degree in 2015, from The University of Oxford. In my master’s thesis I investigated the reduction in flow parameter resulting from volcanic ash deposition in engine representative cooling passages, with Prof. Matthew McGilvray and Prof. David Gillespie as my supervisors. Results from the experiments characterised the reduction of flow parameter with changing particle size distribution, blade metal temperature, ash sample composition, ash dosage, film-cooling hole configuration, and pressure ratio across the holes.

After completing this degree, I have continued as a DPhil student, with Prof. Matthew McGilvray as my supervisor. My thesis is investigating the effect of wall-to-total temperature ratio on hypersonic boundary layer transition. This research will focus in particular on the instabilities that lead to the breakdown of the boundary layer, especially at high angles of attack. Experimental campaigns will take place in Oxford’s HDT facility, in both Ludwieg tube and LICH mode, along with Oxford’s T6 facility in Reflected Shock Tunnel mode. This research will contribute to our understanding of wall-cooling effects on the transition fronts at re-entry conditions. It will be beneficial for boundary layer prediction purposes, computation validation codes, and increase our general understanding of the physics involved with the breakdown process to turbulence.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing Australian football and running, before moving into the Squash court as the grim English winter hits. Otherwise, I am a Junior Dean for Welfare at Merton College, and enjoy playing the piano or beating my friends in Trains during my spare time.