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Philipp Kerth





After finishing his A-levels in Germany Philipp was selected for two scholarships which made it possible for him to pursue his strong interest in aerospace, astrophysics and physical science. He started studying Physics at the Technical University of Munich and later on specialized in Applied and Engineering Physics. In addition to his Undergrad in Physics he attended various engineering courses and worked as an assistant in CFD for the Chair of Turbomachinery. For his thesis he worked at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in the High-Energy Astrophysics group and analysed data from the active NASA Satellite “Fermi” improving the localization methods for Gamma-Ray Bursts.

After being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 2018 Philipp started studying at the Osney Thermofluids Lab at the University of Oxford and he is currently a DPhil Candidate under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Matthew McGilvray. The project is focused on Transpiration Cooling, an active cooling technique for atmospheric entry and hypersonic flight where an injected coolant gas is used to protect a spaceplane or a re-entry vehicle from the immense heat loads caused by friction at hypersonic speeds. Specifically, he is working on Boundary Layer Transition for Transpiration Cooling and also improving an optical measurement method, so called Focusing Schlieren-Optics.

Philipp has pursued his passions for aviation, aerospace and physics in multiple ways, he also holds two pilots licenses and has some experience in constructing manned aircraft. In his free time he enjoys various different sports such as running, football, basketball, skiing and very recently also squash. Additionally, he loves playing the drums, likes Start-ups and reading books about Discoverers and Adventurers.