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Deepanshu Singh

Tel: 07585 279401



I am a second-year doctoral student in the Department of Engineering Science at University of Oxford. I am working with Rolls-Royce to improve the efficiency of gas turbine aircraft engines. My research focuses on experimental and computational investigation of Over-Tip Leakage flow in a shroudless high pressure gas turbine. I have been developing thin film based instrumentation to study blade tip and casing heat transfer for a variety of tip designs to be tested on the OTRF (Oxford Turbine Research Facility), a major test facility designed and built by the department of engineering science for the Ministry of Defence.

Before starting my DPhil at Oxford, I completed my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi. My Bachelor’s thesis was focused on Optimisation of the performance of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine through radial overlap between twin rotor. During my undergrad, I completed two research internships at University of Oxford, both focused on instrumentation projects. My findings were published at ASME Turbo-Expo 2016 (Seoul, South Korea) and 2017 (Charlotte, USA), both of which I was able to present upon securing ASME Student Advisory Committee Travel Award. I also undertook one internship at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan during which I worked on ducted fan design for electrically powered aircraft engine.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis. At Oxford, I play for the men’s fifths team and have participated in numerous league matches for the University. In addition, I am presently serving as the Vice-President of the Oxford University Scientific Society, oldest student run science society in the world! I am responsible for inviting eminent speakers across the world to deliver weekly talks and ensuring smooth day-to-day working of the society.

Taking inspiration from Elon Musk, I realised that an idea that may be laughable today might go on to change the world tomorrow. I have often fondly imagined a world with no cars and no roads, but only ubiquitous air vehicles!


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