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Alex Glenn




I graduated from Loughborough University with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering in 2019. The five year course included a year in industry, working at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Lincoln, focusing on gas turbine combustion systems and fuel spray calibration procedures. The first semester of my final year was spent on exchange at the National University of Singapore. My dissertation project involved designing and building a single axis ultrasonic levitation rig, which was used to isolate and levitate droplets of various liquids. A heated airstream was then imposed on the droplets, while a shadowgraphy imaging set-up was used to monitor changes in droplet dimensions and thus calculate evaporation rates at different air flow rates and temperatures. The data obtained was used in a larger project, focused on developing a new SCR system to reduce NOx emissions in diesel engines.

In October 2019 I started my DPhil within the Osney Hypersonics Group at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Prof. Matthew McGilvray. My project is investigating shock layer radiation produced by the re-entry of space vehicles for “low speed” Earth return missions. It aims to improve the understanding of nonequilibrium thermochemistry occurring in the shock layer from compression, but also in expansion regions around the aft of return vehicles. With this understanding, numerical models can be enhanced to predict heat loads of high-speed vehicles with greater confidence and ultimately reduce the mass fraction of thermal protection systems, subsequently reducing costs, while increasing potential payloads.

My hobbies include long distance running, squash, rowing for Wadham college, as well as playing the guitar.