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Dr Marios Kapsis

Tel: 01865 (2) 13965



I pursued a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree at the National Technical University of Athens (graduated 2014), and then I attended a Master of Research at the University of Cambridge in Gas Turbine Aerodynamics (graduated 2015). I read my DPhil in Computational Fluid Dynamics at the University of Oxford (graduated 2019) under the superivision of prof Li He. My doctoral project dealt with exploring the acceleration of high-fidelity simulations where near-wall mesh refinement is required to capture the regular roughness aerothermal effects by employing the novel Block Spectral Method.

In the Particulate research team my tasks consist of high fidelity CFD modelling in order to get an insight of the mechanisms of particle deposition, which would assist in the development of more accurate deposition prediction models. I am also involved in high-speed flows CFD modelling.