Contact details

Dr Tobias Hermann

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Tel: 01865 (2)88746



I am interested in the research of hypersonic and high enthalpy flows. In this field, I put particular focus on the development of optical diagnostics and heat flux measurements. My PhD thesis at the University of Stuttgart was focused on understanding the flow phenomena occurring during the re-entry of spacecaft into the Earth’s atmosphere. I developed different spectroscopic systems to assess the aerothermodynamic state of a plasma wind tunnel flow. Within the Hypersonics group of the Oxford Thermofluids Institute I am working on transpiration cooling. In this framework I am working on system studies of transpiration cooled entry vehicles and develop various diagnostic techniques such as heat flux measurements to porous media, probe based total temperature measurements, pressure sensitive paint systems, and high speed focused Schlieren systems.

Selected publications

  • Hermann, T., Naved, I. and McGilvray, M. “Tool for Rapid Transient Transpiration Cooled Re-Entry Simulation”, AIAA Journal, in press, 2019.
  • Hermann, T., McGilvray, M., Ifti, H. S., Hufgard, F., Löhle, S. “Thermal Impulse Response in Porous Media for Transpiration Cooling Systems”, Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, in press, 2019.
  • Hermann, T., McGilvray, M., Naved, I. “Performance of Transpiration Cooled Heat Shields for Re-entry Vehicles”, AIAA Journal, in press, 2019.
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