Frank Haselbach

Visiting Professor in Engineering Science

Personal Details

Dr Frank Haselbach
Head of Propulsion Engineering at Airbus

Contact Details

Dept of Engineering Science,
University of Oxford,
Parks Road,
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 288723


Frank is a dynamic and accomplished leader with a wealth of operational, strategic and product design & technology experience. He has operated businesses and worked with customers, teams and suppliers in Europe, Asia and America. As an elected Rolls-Royce Engineering Fellow and Visiting Professor for the University of Oxford he also holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering.

As the Global Head of System Design at Rolls Royce, Frank looks after the system design sub-function within the Rolls-Royce group across all business sectors. Based in Derby, UK, and positioned in the civil aerospace business sector he leads the whole engine architecture, functional and mechanical design of all civil aerospace products and acts as the Chief Aerodynamicist of the group.

Research Interests

Gas Turbines
Finite Element Analysis
Systems Engineering
Program Management