Part of the Department of Engineering Science, the internationally-renowned Oxford Thermofluids Institute is located in the Southwell Building, a state of the art facility to the west of the city on Osney Island.

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This building, opened by the Vice Chancellor in 2010 as part of the University of Oxford’s strategic investment in science and engineering, is currently seeing considerable expansion to accommodate our growing research teams and experimental test facilities. The institute houses the most sophisticated turbine and high speed flow facilities in the UK.

Our research team includes international experts in hypersonics, CFD, flow and heat transfer experiments and instrumentation.

ISO 9001 certification

The Oxford Thermofluids Institute obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 2013 and retained it throughout the years, one of the very few among the 32 UTC (University Technology Centres) in the world to have implemented and certified their quality management system. Processes and equipment covered by the certification include Calibration, Research operations, Recruitment, Workshop, Staff and Student Training and more. The Oxford Thermofluids Institute’s research outputs and test services are used in many applications by customers and partners who require the highest standards.

The quality of our research and services plays a key role in our partner’s products and we are committed to producing competitive research and test services of the highest quality.

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