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Suria Subiah

Tel: 01865 (2) 88749



Suria received her BSc. Aeronautical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa where she worked on shock wave strengthening through area reduction under the supervision of Professor Beric Skews and Dr Randall Paton.

After being awarded a Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship to the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, she completed her MSc. Aerospace Engineering in the Aerothermodynamics Research and Technology Laboratory with Professor Stephen Ruffin. Her research focussed on the development of the computational fluid dynamics code NASCART-GT. Following that, she worked as a graduate research assistant for a NASA sponsored project at the Georgia Tech Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory on the computational analysis of a boundary layer ingestion engine aircraft concept developed by Aurora Flight Sciences.

As her research interests are primarily hypersonic flows and high temperature effects, she then joined the Hypersonics Group at the Oxford Thermofluids Institute as a DPhil student under the supervision of Professor Matthew McGilvray. Her thesis aims to investigate the high temperature effects of transpiration cooling, which is a potential re-usable thermal protection system in hypersonic flows, with experimental campaigns being run in the Oxford T6 Stalker Tunnel. These high temperature effects include ionisation, dissociation and chemical reactions in the flow which vary depending on the coolant gas used and have a significant effect on the heat transfer properties of the gas. This research will increase the current knowledge of transpiration cooling as an effective means of protecting space vehicles entering Earth or Martian atmospheres.